The Garden

Setting up Allégorie in Madrid is also a desire to support its terroir: its artisans, its resources, making as many local actors work as possible. Allégorie wants to be a showcase for artisans and know-how, within the framework of a common desire for ecological responsibility.

At Allégorie we have total respect for the seasons and their products, local productions, and also for the people who make them.

Being a farmer is, today and tomorrow, a great challenge: understand our planet, respect it. Working in favour of the agricultural transition must now be a daily action, by helping the gardeners - who work the land with passion - to transform themselves, to obtain organic products within the framework of reasonable agriculture, to respect the Earth.

Creativity in cuisine always implies great finesse, and above all a permanent search for balance and harmony, allowing us to celebrate together both the jewels of nature and the farmer who sublimate them.


From the first meeting with Santiago and Juan, something became evident to our Chef, Romain Lascarides: as the conversation progressed, he clearly realized that his interlocutors fully corresponded to his expectations. They sat on common ground.

They, childhood friends, decided to take over Santi's family business. Authentic and strong characters, benevolent and sincere, they want to give a new impetus to the exploitation. Santiago is an Agricultural Engineer, Juan is in charge of Logistics and Marketing, their friend Álvaro is the Financial Director. From their union was born this desire to revitalise the Madrid countryside and restart the care of its land.

Its objective is to highlight and deploy agricultural techniques that prevent the use of phytosanitary products, while promoting economically, environmentally and socially efficient processes.