Discover Allégorie

The three spaces of Allégorie, are elegantand invite the dinner to relax. They are not ostentatious, neither interactive, and less immersive. We don't need it. En Allégorie, el espectáculo está en el plato.

The Bar

The bar, located at the entrance of the restaurant, on the ground floor, has a capacity of 24 people, including one private lounge for 10 people. There you can have drinks, and taste tapas, which will vary over time, such as caponata, poultry mousseline with chorizo and Cajun sauce, the truffled croque-monsieur, or the spiced and roasted cauliflower, among others.

The Dining Room

On the upper floor is the spacious dining room, with capacity for more than 40 guests, in a bright setting, in beige tones, elegant but without ostentation. There you can taste dishes à la carte, the menu Tradition (at noon on weekdays), or (in the evening from Tuesday to Thursday) our menu Pleasure.

The Private Lounge

Next to the dining room on the first floor, there is a large and modular room for a maximum of 18 people. You can enjoy the same offer there as in the living room, in the quiet of a private room, or ask for your own private menu. o de un menú elaborado especialmente para usted, en la quietud de una habitación privada.

At Allégorie, the show is on the plate