Dessert, the ultimate impression of the meal.

Ending a meal with a mediocre dessert, or no dessert at all because you already know it's not worth it, is the worst waste imaginable for a gourmet. At Allégorie, desserts are an essential element of the menu.

We flee in horror from the usual desserts, such as the ubiquitous cheese cake, or the now old-fashioned carrot cake, in exactly the same way that we give up salmon tartare with avocado.

At Allégorie, creativity is present at the table from the appetizer to the dessert, which must be as thoughtful and elaborated as the other dishes on the menu. Like other delicacies, dessert should be an infinite mixture of flavours and textures, harmoniously related to each other, to provoke in the diner a sweet feeling of well-being as well as a strong emotion.

The cream responds to the meringue, the ganache to the biscuit, the pastry to the caramel. The peanut comes to finish off the chocolate, the frosting to top off the biscuit. Ice cream dialogues with warm pie scrum. Tastes mix, textures are balanced, flavours come together in a gastronomic dance that appears to be indispensable.

Without dessert, the meal isn't finished; With it, the full meal is sublimated, and engraved in the memory of the guest.


Victor Bergerot

At Allégorie, we are fortunate to have an excellent pastry chef, the Parisian Victor Bergerot. Trained at the prestigious EPMT, Paris School of Table Crafts, with a specialization in Culinary Art, Victor joins Jean-François Bury, World Champion of Catering in 2015. With this grand Chef, seasoned in the best great Parisian hotels, he learns the rigor necessary to perfectly execute traditional French cuisine and pastries, and to be able to modernize them.

After a few years, he decided to specialize in pastry, and to this end he worked under the baton of Chef Julien Germain, who was part of the World Champion Frozen Desserts brigade in 2014. Finally, Victor, whose mother is from Salamanca, joins Chef Romain Lascarides in Madrid at Allégorie. The haute cuisine and pastry techniques learned both at school and near his three successive chefs allow today Victor Bergerot to devise and prepare succulent desserts, always under the direction and watchful eye of Romain.