Special menu for the French National Day

To celebrate France’s National Day with the family, Allégorie proposes, in both services on Saturday, July 13, and at noon on Sunday, July 14, a special menu consisting of modernized traditional French dishes at the price of 40 euros. Diners will be able to enjoy a contemporary Niçoise salad, a veal blanquette, the favourite dish of the French, and an apple millefeuille. Drinks are on the side

Allégorie has large tables, and even a private one for up to 18 people.


Special menu for the French National Day


Modern Nice Salad

Toasted focaccia, egg, marinated anchovies, tuna belly, French beans, peppers, romaine lettuce

Veal Blanquette

White Veal, White Sauce, Vegetables, Rice Pilaf

Apple Mifeuille

And Vanilla Ice Cream

40 € VAT included