Royal Baïkal Caviar – 30 grams


Can be taken away from the restaurant up to 3 boxes. Home delivery possible from 4 boxes onwards (ask for deadline).

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Royal Baïkal caviar is recognized by connoisseurs as being of high quality. Produced in the surroundings of Bordeaux, based on sturgeons originating from Lake Baikal, it comes in thick, dark grey grains, very firm and shiny. On the palate, the grains feel unctuous. When they burst, they reveal a flavour that is both intense and subtle, with wild, buttery, and nutty notes. The taste is exceptionally long in the mouth. Because of these characteristics, experts often compare it to its cousin the Royal Oscietra.

Like all caviars, it pairs perfectly with brut champagne, aquavit or vodka, served very cold.

30 gr. silk-screened round brass case.