Galette des Rois 2024

Around Epiphany, Allégorie proposes a succulent "Galette des Rois" of 8 shares, prepared by its master pastry chef, at the price of 28 euros, to be taken away from the restaurant.

This sweet, which the French love to eat in the period of the Three Kings, is made from puff pastry filled with a mixture of almonds, sugar, butter and egg yolk, called "frangipane".

Like the spanish “roscón”, the Galette has a gift, to designate the king or queen of the day. Traditionally, it comes from the north of France, while in the south sweets more similar to the “roscón” are eaten. However, in recent years, given its enormous culinary success, most southern French people have adopted it as their main pie for Epiphany.

La Galette de Reyes se puede pedir vía nuestro sistema de venta en línea, hasta el sábado 20 de enero del 2024. También sera posible reservarla a través de o llamando al 91 253 92 61 en horas de apertura del restaurante.